Image of 🚨 Magic Volume Mastery Kit  - Magic Box + Dumonts πŸ’Έ

🚨 Magic Volume Mastery Kit - Magic Box + Dumonts πŸ’Έ

$390.00 - $400.00

If your luxury permits, we have the ultimate lash kit for you. Invest in getting the best lash tools. Stand out from the rest of the crowd be amazing!

- Perfect for Mega Lash and Volume Artist
- Dumont (Holy Grail) is used by many Volume Lash Artist around the world
- Magic Box design and battle tested by Volume Lash masters, easy lash tool for organizing and setting up different style sets when lashing.

1 White or Pink Magic Box Full Set (Magnetic Lash Palette) $125
1 Dumont Curve Diamond Tip (medical grade steel) $95
1 Dumont Straight Diamond Tip (medical grade steel) $75
1 Dumont Boot Tweezer (medical grade steel) - $80
1 Case - White Dumont 3 or 5 Tweezer Case - $55/$65

Save 10 percent when buying this kit vs individual items

(Does not come with lashes)

Dumont is manufactured in Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­with high quality Inox 08 Medical Grade, stainless steel composed of C, Mn, Cr, Mo and V that provides an excellent resistance to corrosion and a good resistance to salt. Although not as hard as Carbon steels, Inox 08 offers excellent resistance to corrosion. This magnetic alloy supports temperatures of around 400Β°C (DIN 50914) and is suitable for autoclave sterilization at 180Β°C.

Founded by Arnold Dumont in 1881, Dumont Swiss Made Tweezers have enjoyed a long history anchored in superior quality and craftsmanship. Specializing in precision instruments, the company is known for utilizing the best raw materials resulting in the finest of products. With a company life spanning five generations, Dumont remains an industry leader at the forefront of exceptional standards.

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