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Magic Bond (Sealant) ⛑


Looking to increase your retention and eliminate the fumes, sensitivities, and irritation from your lash application?

Here is our Magic Bond, a new generation of bond/curing solution. Not only can you use it to help with the curing, but as a primer (if needed) to help the bonding between lash extensions and natural lashes. You know that having good retention is one of the secrets to charging a higher price!

Magic Bond helps to increase retention and reduce excess fumes caused by glue curing, is perfect for sensitive clients, and helps to improve your retention. Your clients will thank you!

We worked very hard with our lab to formulate the best solution to improve any possibilities for your lash career. All our products were tested by our IMAGIC team for at least 6 months prior to our release.

We are fortunate to have our lash products used globally and tested in different regions and environments.

- Taiwan (very hot and humid)
- USA (San Francisco, New York, Texas, and Florida)
- Australia
- Singapore

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Retention DUO $44 (Primer & Bonder)

When to use:
After completing your lash set, the last step is to be applied only where the adhesive is bonded to the natural lash.
Or Use it as a primer( if needed) on natural lashes after cleaning

How to use:
- Apply a tiny amount of Magic Bond on where the extensions are attached. Dab off excess solution if needed.
- Avoid saturating volume or mega fans.
- Do not use Magic Bond with nano mister/ nebulizer
- Do not apply on skin

Pro tips:
- You can also use it on natural lashes for prep if your clients have thick, shiny, and healthy natural lashes, or when your clients have oily skin
- Use a mini fan to blow dry and comb the lashes to help to make your lash set look clean and neat before clients can open their eyes.

- Inside: 1 Magic Bond

- Unscented, Great for Sensitive clients
- Vegan and cruelty free
- Filled to 10ml, due to pressure and space needed for delivery
- Recyclable glass 15ml bottle ♻️

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