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Dumont Curved - Volume


💕 IMagic is an official and #1 partner for Dumont in Asia and now USA!

🏆 Thee classic volume lash tweezer used by many lash masters from around the world. I have tested many Lash tweezers brands and they are all rebranded and originate from China/Pakistan. With Dumont you can feel the difference in quality! If you are serious about lashing, invest in the right tools from the get go!

Made in Switzerland, the Dumont Brand is known all over the world for its high quality, durability, and detailed engineering. Dumont handcrafts tools for beauty, jewelry making, medical and many more industries.

- Russian volume style tweezers and highly preferred by lash masters around the world
- Hand tested and only for experienced lash technicians
- Ultrafine and curved precision tips designed for making volume fans
- The Ferrari of tweezers - Know how to handle it
- Less pressure needed when preparing your fan lashes.
- Official Dumont distributor USA/ASIA
- Highest quality Inox08 Medical Grade Steel - Swissmade 🇨🇭
(My original Dumont is from 6 years ago and I am still using the same one)

Now you are ready to lash! 💃🏼

Care instructions
1. Do not soak in antibacterial liquid (i.e. Barbicide) as there is a risk of the tweezers rusting. Wipe with water/alcohol.
2. When the tweezers are not in use, always ensure the tips are protected with the rubber protector provided when purchased or store in Dumont tweezer case.
3. DO NOT drop them. The delicate tips will lose their precision if dropped.

Inside: 1 Tweezer

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